About us

Since 1999 Smart Energy and Grid Solutions EFAL has proposed various in-house and third-party products, services, and solutions for Smart Building/Factory/Grid/City as well as for Water and Environmental related plants and applications. The applications may include Energy Savings, Efficiency, Conservation, Production, Storage, Forecasting and Balancing, Data Harvesting, Management, Industry 4.0, Cyber Security and Analytics – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine and Deep Learning and Big Data Optimization solutions, proposed to global commercial and industrial enterprises, utilities and institutions.

EFAL offers a one-stop shop for smart Energy & Data, Water, and Environmental applications. The company methodology originated from a close site review and a deep analysis obtained by measuring and monitoring technology, employed towards the design and implementation of data and energy-efficiency and conservation solutions, leading to substantial savings. EFAL develops its in-house technologies or partners and selects, in an objective manner, the finest third-party technologies for its customers.

EFAL's professional team works closely with some of the leading Global and Israeli consulting and design groups.

EFAL’s President & CEO Dr. Ofer Alon is a hands-on entrepreneur with strong engineering and business backgrounds and years of experience with business, products & solutions development and management of corporations and startups. Dr. Ofer Alon established and managed small to large global business operations, consolidating extensive strategic maneuvering in the energy, data, and technology arena.

To name some of EFAL's outstanding projects in Israel: Intel’s FAB 28 + VLS FAB8 plants in Kiryat-Gat & Jerusalem, the magnesium plant in Sdom, the Semiconductors plant, Machteshim & Bromine plants in Ramat-Hovav, Oil Refineries Ltd and Carmel Olefins polypropylene plants.

EFAL was involved with the designing and implementing of over 20 new superior high-voltage substations, six new substations in Thailand, the new Ben Gurion Airport Terminal, a new Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv, and hundreds of public, commercial, and office buildings, banks, and department stores in Israel.

EFAL's unique combination of profound technologies combined with practical vast expertise in design and management in the global markets makes EFAL an ideal sustainable partner for implementing medium to large-scale sustainable solutions.

Dr. Alon is the founder & owner of the techno-economic variety of practical energy solutions, a hands-on entrepreneur with a strong engineering and business background.

Over 35 years of experience with products & solutions development and managing business HVACR projects/operations for Residential & Commercial Green Buildings/Hospitals & Industrial Factories, IOT Control, Service & Maintenance, Alternative Energy (wind turbines, PV, hydro-turbines…), Energy Efficiency/Savings, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, etc.

Received three consecutive grants on behalf of the Israel Energy Chief Scientist for developing products & technology solutions + dozens of grants for energy-optimization project execution and ongoing auditing of efficiency improvement.

Former chairman of the Israeli Committee ISO/TC257 on Energy Saving wrote the Israeli standards proposal for energy management (ISO 50001), and member of executive experts who wrote the 2050 master plan for the Israeli energy economy.

Author of technical and spiritual literature series, the latest edition701-page https://www.oferalon.co.il/ for HVACR & Energy Efficiency / Saving & Optimization.

Founder of “Climaton” Magazine, the first in the field of HVAC & Renewal Energy & Green Building in Israel – a member of the European Environmental Press

Senior consultant and lecturer in the field of energy in Israel and China & US

Extensive experience in initiating and managing large-scale integrative projects

EFAL Empowers Tomorrow with Innovative Energy Solutions